Our team

The key to Alter Capital’s success
is our team of professionals

The team comprises three experts in the industry, with a combined total experience of more than 35 years; they have conducted 37 private equity operations, each one in the low mid market segment, with one ticket per investment of between 1 and 10 million Euro.

Our experience gives us a clear understanding of the challenges and threats that our investees face; we design suitable operations for both parties, capable of attracting talent to the growth project.

+ 35 years


37 private equity



of between 1 and 10 M€

Ángel Gonzalez Bravo

Juán Martínez de Tejada


Incentive System

Our executives count with an incentive system that aligns their interests with those of the funds and our investees increase in value, which is why they work exclusively on the projects.

Network of Executives

Alter Capital relies on a first-rate executive network that can join our investee management teams to provide experienced professional.

Our experience gives us an understanding of the threats and challenges our investees face