of investment

Alter Capital is currently fundraising for a new fund that will continue using the same investment strategy as Al Andalus FCR

The Al Andalus fund was worth 10,5 million euro in its first financial closure, enabling three operations in 2015. At all times during its term, purchase and/or capital increase operations were pursued in order to obtain majority or minority stakes in small and medium businesses headquartered in Andalusia or active in the region; with an ambitious growth plan and a highly professionalized management team.

The target period of permanence is of 3 to 5 years, we are patient investors but we will consider opportunistic exits. The investment amount is between 0,75 and 3 million euro. Alter Capital counts with joint venture agreements with other potential financial investors who would act jointly with the fund to carry out operations, which require a higher investment amount, up to 5 million euro.