About us

Alter Capital is an independent private equity firm specialized in the Spanish low market

Founded in the year 2000, we have specialized in the management of regional funds. We are the only firm in the Spanish low market, with investment tickets between 1 and 4 million euros. We believe that this phase of business development is the one that offers the highest probability of added value to the companies in which we invest. Our team of Private Equity experts contributes knowledge and experience in this stage of strong business growth.

These investment amounts are more likely to generate better returns, due to there are more target companies and there is no competitive process, which allows for better analysis and negotiation. Our business model relies on investments in companies with a proven track record, which have sustainable competitive advantages and an ambitious business plan. One of the critical factors for our investment decisions is making sure that the Project can count on a professionalized and highly motivated management team.

“We believe that the best way to generate value is to join efforts, contributing our knowledge and experience, with the goal of reaching higher targets”

In Catalonia, Alter Capital has managed three funds. Aurica XXI, was the first fund managed in the year 2000 and Ingenica Capital, the second that carried out operations in development capital. Both funds have been disinvested successfully. The third fund, Invernova FCR, is aimed at early stage financing and it is currently in its disinvestment phase with only one investee in its portfolio, Eurona.

In Andalusia we began managing the Al Aldalus Capital FCR fund in April 2014, and its investment process was finalized in December 2015. During this period, we have undertaken three investments: Clever Global, Dental Company and Clínica La Salud.

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“We partner to grow”