Investment strategy

We invest in companies which:

Companies with high
growth potential

business model

Proven track record,
not in its early stages

Investments led by a deeply motivated management team

We develop an active role in the management,
with the objective of creating value through:

Corporate governance rules, reporting
and strategic definition

and talent recruitment

Contribute our financial “know how”
to obtain financing


We analyze each project individually, selecting the best structure to optimize resource allocation

Capital Increase Operations. Contributing resources to finance organic or inorganic growth through acquisition of other companies in the same industry to gain market shares and derive synergy.

Purchase Operations. Providing liquidity and continuity to entrepreneurs with succession problems or those wanting to diversify their estate with minority and majority share operations.

Support operations for a motivated and professionalized management team for the acquisition of a company.

It is possible to supplement the capital investment with equity loans or subordinate debt.