We partner to grow Private Equity firm We partner to grow Private Equity firm

An investment management company,
independent and regulated by the CNMV specialised in SMEs investment

Sophisticated origination capabilities, based on in-depth knowledge of the local market and strong risk analysis and assessment skills.

Our investment tickets range from 1-5 million euros, however, we have agreements with other investors for co-investments up to a maximum ticket size of 10 million euros per transaction.

Wide range of transactions; capital increases, shares’ acquisition or a mix of both, and in some scenarios, subordinated debt. The aim is to assist in developing company's growth plan, through majority or minority equity stakes.

We invest in companies with Ebitdas of less than 3 million euros.





We design suitable transactions for both parties, cash-in and cash-out , or a mix of both, and, in some scenarios, subordinated debt transactions. Always with the aim of contributing to achieve company’s growth targets, either through majority or minority equity stakes.

The key to Alter Capital’s success lies
with its team of professionals

Ángel Gonzalez Bravo

Juan Martínez de Tejada

Ángel Hernández

Fco. Javier González-Gaggero Carmona

Pablo Neira

Álvaro García
de Pesquera

We are aware that by joining forces,
higher goals can be achieved

Our current portfolio has the following investees: